Monday, December 31, 2007

Dumbass Drivers

Can someone explain to me why why why people drive in fog without their car headlights on? I have the car headlights on all the time -- rain or shine because I want to make sure my car can be seen. I once heard the explaination that people don't turn headlights on during the day because they don't want to burn out the headlights any sooner than necessary. H E L L O The cost of headlights is more important that other drivers being able to see your car???? It would be one thing if the dumbass, lightless driver would only hurt him/herself in an accident but that is rarely the case.

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aelawton said...

it proves that there is evolution and darwin was right. some of us are just more intellegent and will always have our lights on becasue, duh, thats how you survive and furthur the species. dumbasses like that like that will be killed prolly sticking a fork in a toster, thus, getting the weaker ones out of the speices. btw, darwin is on bills in great britin with out a mention of god. props for the british, darwin and headlights.