Monday, June 9, 2008

City Deer

Another popular lawn ornamentation in Wisconsin are deer statues. Some of us call them "city deer" since they are displayed in front of homes in the middle of a city where no deer would graze. The deer in this picture were found loitering in the lawn of a house near Walmart. Anyone familiar with Walmart knows no self-respecting deer would go near Walmart. Guns are sold at Walmart. Guns are sold at Walmart by people who should never be allowed near guns to people who should never be allowed to touch a gun. I am convinced city deer are in danger of being shot during deer hunting season but probably are in danger even in the off season -- especially near Walmart.

Do people buy "city deer" to bring the home owner closer to nature while living in town? Are they deer lovers? Do they worship the deer? Do they have an obsession with deer that stems back to the traumatization experienced from watching "Bambi" as a child?
So many questions.......