Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saints Bracelet

I bought a bracelet in Palm Springs and have worn it every day since the purchase. It is made of wooden squares and each square has a picture of a saint. Since it was purchased on Holy Thursday we joked that it would be good luck. Funny thing, though, I was in a good mood and happy each day I wore it ------ until Friday.

I am not a particularly religious person. In contemporary questionairres I fit the "spiritual, not religious" category. I just like the idea that there could be a talisman for me. Even if it was a placebo effect talisman.

I don't agree with a lot of Catholic teachings but like the idea of angels and saints. The St. Anthony prayer is the shining example of catholic mysticism which is appealing to me. When an item is lost and I want to find it I say "St. Anthony, look up and look down, something's lost and must be found." I kid you not, that prayer works!

So, I guess I put some stock in the saint bracelet simply because I want a simple means to a good mood. Maybe I'm giving up too soon. Possibly I should keep track of the good days when wearing it and figure out the percentage. Oh, forget it. Maybe I should just wear the bracelet and take what I can get. Maybe just wearing it because I like it and it reminds me of Palm Springs is enough. If a good mood comes along that day, all the better. (I still want a lucky talisman so I'm open to suggestions or gifts!)