Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin

I just don't care for Sarah Palin as the Republican VP choice.

I watched her acceptance speech and tried to keep an open mind. Yes, she is a good speaker and her comedic timing is down pat. As a national newbie I found her biting sarcasm and perceived smugness unearned. Actually, I find her sudden elevation to this political status unearned. The Republican party touts her qualifications as mom, involvement in PTO, hockey mom, city counselperson mayor of a small town, governor of a state with 670,00 residents. Okay, I'm a mom, had involvement in PTO, worked on the passage of two school referendums, elected to two three year terms on the school board. While Palin finally traveled outside the US for the first time last year, I have traveled to other countries 9 times. Hmmmmm, I am more qualified to be at least lt. governor let alone VP.

During her acceptance speech Palin, the hockey mom, joked that the difference between pit bulls and hockey moms was lipstick. Petty as it may seem, I didn't like that. I've never liked the dig in and chew 'em apart sports' parents. No perspective.

The entire package has no depth. How shallow or desperate are the conservative Repubicans that an unknown of unproven value excites them to the point of frenzy? Do they really think that their Presidential candidate, should he win, will consult with this newbie on issues of importance? Much like Dan Quayle, she will be just another pretty face put out there as a vote