Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hermit Life

I am tired of socializing for awhile. While I am an extrovert, I tend to like my alone time and minimal socializing. The Sunday prior to Christmas we watched the Packer game with some of Dan's family at a bar in Wrightstown; my parents, brother and sister-in-law were here for Christmas Eve day; I was with Dan's family (37 people) Christmas Eve night; tree hopping (also known as a round robin) was this Saturday; went back to Wrightstown after the Packer game on Sunday. I like all the people with whom I socialized, I enjoy the holidays, but I am socializing saturated for awhile.

When it is cold and dark for a good part of the day, and after spending that much time with others I want to be a hermit. I'm not sure for how long I could "hermit" but would like to give it a try. How long could I be away from people, not have phone contact (I insist on a computer but don't need IM), and not leave the house. Most people would bet I couldn't last long.....while I think that is true, another part of me would like to prove them wrong.

It would help if I was in the middle of nowhere. When I am in NL I am more prone to staying in the house because I don't want to see anyone I know. When I'm in Appleton I am prone to wandering about the city -- I have more anonymity. If I lived in the middle of nowhere I could be a hermit and still leave the house if I wanted to go for a walk. I could walk about and not see a soul.

I can't really start hermitizing just yet as I remembered I am meeting Lois for coffee tomorrow....I suppose I could cancel coffee and get on with my hermit life. I will sleep on it. I may be seeing Julie and Brenda Thursday and Friday so that throws a wrench in it, too, although my time with Brenda may be limited so I want to be sure to make a hermit exception to a visit with her.

I am going to give hermiting some further thought.

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dani said...

Have you come to any further conclusions on the hermit life? I have often thought of becoming a hermit, but I primarly want to give up the direct interaction with others and not the luxaries of internet, television and music... does reading books count as communicating? In some form, I believe it does. How far would one must go to fully become a hermit? I had intended to do it after high school but I couldn't possible give up the internet.