Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break: April 2 - April 11. Hoorah!!! I have nothing special planned, and spent today as a slug/sloth/lazy bum....exactly what I wanted. There is cleaning to be done, a dryer to possibly buy, and various other chores to do but today was for laziness. Since I am not writing from an exotic place, this entry is about the small happenings of my spring break days thus far. No need to go get the popcorn and prepare to sit at the end of a chair while the suspense builds. Just a glimpse into a simple, stay-at-home vacation.

Received the tax information from the accountant today. 95% of me believes paying taxes is what I do to have good roads (Wisconsin has well kept roads and highways), good schools (Wisconsin has one of THE top ranked education systems), police/fire protection, etc. and I don't waste time complaining about it all. I pay quarterly estimated taxes and on those four days I take a deep breath and wish I wasn't paying in; today when I read the information from the accountant I was not thrilled with the amount I will pay in now and each quarter this year. And while I have the money to pay the taxes(not through any planning ahead mind you), I need to vow (swear, pledge) to budget better for taxes. Wish me luck as I am not a budget-er.

The dog didn't get out of bed until 11:30 this morning. Granted, his schedule is off since my schedule is changed this week. Typically we both get up at 5:30 a.m. although he goes back to bed by 6:00 and probably doesn't get up again until I come home at 3:00 p.m. or so. But I was up for hours and he was still in bed this morning. After a brief visit to the lawn, he napped in a chair for most of the afternoon. My dog has a good life.......as he should!

On Sunday my princess visited and we decorated Easter eggs. While it was on Easter that we did this, art has no time table, you know. We had gone to Michael's craft store on Friday to pick up supplies and bickered in the aisle about what we needed. It was a role reversal -- I was the Ann of her youth and she was me as mom. Painting on Sunday was relaxing and fun. I am always and forever in awe of her talent and decorating eggs allows me to see how she creates. Her eggs are artistic while mine are elementary school simple. We were both true to our creative selves.

Spring arrived in Wisconsin a few weeks ago and welcomed with open arms. Tonight it is raining and there is even some thunder and lightening. It smells rain fresh and slightly wormy outside. Lawns are greening up, daffodils are blooming, sparrows are remodeling the robin nest on the fireplace vent. Even the green weeds growing in the landscaping are a sign of warm weather. Winter is a harsh season here, and spring is embraced probably more than any other season.

When on vacation I watch morning TV. Absolutely worthless morning TV. "Frasier" reruns top the list. I have seen these episodes numerous times and still laugh at the humor. This is followed by "The View." As long as Elisabeth Hassleback doesn't comment on politics and Barbara Walters doesn't speak, I like the show. I have to confess to tuning into "Millionaire Matchmaker" today and that was fascinating! Millionaires who can't find dates go to this bitchy matchmaker, pay her something like $50,000 to find them a date, and then viewers get to watch the dates. Tacky, shallow, voyeuristic, and fun to see! It really does show that money can't buy you love.....it also shows how absurdly immature the millionaires are.
Ah, I warned you this was about nothing exciting! But it is my vacation and I'm lovin' it!