Monday, May 12, 2008

Lawn Ornaments

Spring. Green grass, perky yellow dandelions, tulips, robins, lawn ornamentation.

There are tasteful lawn ornaments: birdbaths are one, hard-to-go-wrong decoration. Bird houses are another simple example. There are some attractive bronze/copper metal flowers. Important rule to remember in any lawn decorating with objects is that less is more. A few birdbaths are good -- 10 are not. 3 birdhouses are fine --- 12 aren't.

Walking the dog the other day I saw an interesting combination of outdoor decorations. A windmill, conastoga wagon, lighthouse, and miniature gazebo lined up in front of the house. This is in central/northeastern Wisconsin area. The gazebo would work here although this one must be for lawn gnomes, rabbits. A lighthouse would be good for a house on a lake. I suppose I could pardon the owner for the windmill if they are of Dutch heritage. But the conastoga wagon? This is a new lawn decoration. Maybe the homeowner moved from Colorado (or somewhere else out West where such wagons were common "back in the day.")

I don't get it. I hope it makes the home owner happy, though. But maybe just one of those items would be better than all of them. I vote for keeping the gazebo and planting flowers inside. Maybe put a lawn gnome inside. Just a suggestion.