Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pissing Off Conservatives

Word has it that the uber conservatives detest, nay HATE John McCain because he isn't them....he isn't a TRUE conservative.....he isn't a meanmouthed, insulting, caustic, narrowminded hot bag of air. Really, the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Glenn Beck are defining who or who isn't a TRUE conservative?!

These are the people who would rather spend their time criticizing pro-choice than helping the children who do exist in less than mediorcre lives; who spend their time touting Christianity while harboring hatefulness and visciousness that would cause Jesus to cringe.

I am enthralled with Barack Obama and the Democratic platform but have always liked John McCain for his plain spokenness, bipartisan efforts, and for thinking outside the party lines. I like and respect him even more because the Talking Heads of Evil (THE)are against him.

Broken Leg Bonding

My poor Annabelle broke her leg and ankle last Saturday night; she allegedly fell on the ice although it could have been on some stairs. She is a little cloudy on the details as demon rum was involved.
She called me from the RF ER on Sunday afternoon to inform me of her condition, and I was headed up there Monday morning when she found out she needed surgery Tuesday morning. Spoke with the orthopedic doctor who was very nice and had a sense of humor (important for me, not necessary to her skills). Took Ann to her pre-op appointment -- a "are you breathing and do you have a pulse" appointment.

A chunk of Tuesday was spent at the hospital. Check in at 9:45, consult with doctor, prep, and wait until surgery at 12:30. Surgery only took 30 minutes and involved putting a plate and three screws in her ankle to hold the ankle bone to the fibula securely. She left the hospital at about 3:00, starving for Pizza Hut pizza. Got her settled into her apartment, got the pizza, and then left her in the care of her father until the next afternoon.

She is handling this all very well and I don't think all of her good spirits are due to the vicodin! She manages to get around her apartment and up and down the stairs (she lives on the 2nd floor). We went out for supper Wednesday and Thursday nights and she was fine. Driving will be an issue since the cast is on her right foot but friends are coming through for her with offers to drive her to and fro. The doctor said that she herself has driven with a cast on her right foot but didn't recommend it. Since Ann hit a couch two weeks ago and now this I suggested that maybe driving with a cast on her foot would not be the wisest of activities.

One of the "highlights" of the accident has been her getting a handicap parking sticker. It is difficult to describe the joy in those of us who have gotten to use it! Such a treat! Her friend Angela (Angela Suzy to those who know and love her) and I were practically jumping up and down with glee. I didn't park in handicap parking when by myself but just having that little sign in my window seems to make a difference. Several people gave me a pitying smile, I didn't get a parking ticket when the meter ran out, and a worker at Starbucks gave me a complimentary blueberry muffin at the drive through. I suppose if a person really needs the sticker pitying looks and free muffins aren't appreciated but for those of us with the temporary sticker it is exciting!

Even though we were together due to an unfortunate circumstance, we had a great time together. It isn't often we just sit and watch TV and talk. I helped her with her laundry (which I haven't done since junior high), we worked on Valentine cards/birthday cards, and enjoyed each other's company. I suppose it is rather pitiful that it felt wonderful to be needed as a mom, but it did. To be able to be there and help her out, comfort her, help her to feel better allowed me to flex my maternal muscles once again.

She is my sweetie and I love her with all my heart. While it is hard to believe she is almost 23 years old and to sometimes miss the little girl she was, I so relish her as an adult. I anticipate a continually growing adult relationship with her that only looks to be all and more than I could have dreamed.