Friday, October 2, 2009

Goldilocks Healthcare Questionaire

Raise your hand if you have no complaints about your health care. What do I mean by "health care?" Okay, lets take a Goldilocks approach to health care. Answer a) Too much b) Too little c) Just enough to the following statements:

I pay ____ for prescription medication.
Physician office visits cost ____.
The amount I pay in out of pocket medical expenses is _____.
Medical costs in general are ____.
Insurance payments are _____.
Insurance coverage covers ____.
Congressmen/women pay $503.00/year for health care received at the Capitol infirmary. That cost totally covers physical therapy, immediate medical attention (from specialists), etc. This $503.00 is _____.

Those of you who answered all questions with "c" can now leave the blog and contact your congressional representatives to tell them you truly want the status of health care in the US to remain as is. *

Those of you who answered even one question with "a" or "b" are the ones who are not happy with the health care status quo. No, don't run away. Yes, the health care situation can be changed. (hey, you over there --- yes, you in blue shirt ---- don't shake your head at me) But, if you are not happy with the situation you should not be sitting idly by but should voice your health care wants and needs. In order to have insurance costs reduced, prescription costs affordable, health care procedures financially accessible to all those of us "a" and "b" answerers, we must raise our voices to show support for change. (Mr. Blue Shirt, stay after the meeting and Ms. Pink Blouse will show you who to contact and how.)

In fact, those of you who love to tell your health care/insurance company horror stories, there are now people who actually want to hear them. Oh, yes, they do! Rush right over to your phone or word processor and contact your President, Senators or Representative to tell them your story.

Thank you for attending and showing interest in the quiz. Now, get off your sorry butts, be proactive (while remained civil), and contact some politicians!!

*John Boehner, GOP minority leader, is holding meetings for "Just Enough" people in the Unicorn Room. Death panel discussion dates will be available.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Being a friend does not always come easily to me. Since I prefer my own company, I don't need to be with others often and cannot abide people who want to suck me dry with neediness. I have let people into my life only to let the relationship slide. If someone accused me of having commitment issues I would not disagree. That said, there are a few people I consider great friends, and I had dinner with one of them last night.

I met Cori when Patrick was in kindergarten -- she was his learner's aide. I periodically helped out in the classroom and chaperoned field trips during which I would chat with Cori. The one constant in our times together was the laughter. Our friendship is going on 16 years and while we can go months and months without seeing each other, our bond remains strong. When we manage to connect, we talk about our kids, her marriage/my relationship, our dogs, the NL school district, sorrows and joys, but above all, we laugh. Last night I laughed so hard my face hurt.

Since we don't seem to see each other on a consistent basis, our get togethers last hours. We met at Chili's at 6:30 last night and when the restaurant lights came on we realized it was 10:30! As always, we are going to try to meet up once a month. We usually manage to do this for a few months and then something gets in the way and we are off schedule again. But our relationship is one that can't be judged on how often we see each other. Our times together are joyful and treasured.

While I'm not sure why we became friends way back when, I am blessed that this woman is in my life. We care for each other unconditionally and no matter how much time passes between conversations, we always find our way back together. Cori, I hold you in a very special part of my heart.