Saturday, October 11, 2008


Can someone explain to me how a governor can violate the trust placed in her by state residents but that such actions are not unethical. Can this behavior be allowed to go unsanctioned by the state's legislature?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Her French Son

While in a local department store I walked past a mother wheeling a stroller, her 5 yr. old son walking by her side. The boy suddenly darted away from her to look and then attempt to smell a perfume bottle on the counter. The mom chided her son to come along and leave the perfume alone also mentioning that it is for girls. Skipping over to her he brightly said, "Ooh la la!" I looked at the mom, she looked at me, and we cracked up.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Fact check time. Finally free from her handlers' fetters, Sarah Palin's new mission is to declare Barack Obama a companion of terrorists. Golly, gosh, gee, tell me it ain't so, Sarah Louise! I cannot believe that after 20+ months of campaigning we are finally being told the truth about this bleeding heart left winger who wants to obviously lead our country down the jihad's path of destruction. Gosh, darn it, we had to wait until the maverick's maverick of the frozen tundra thundered into the lower 48 to save us from ourselves.

Puhleeze. The low level fear mongering so familiar to the Bush era raises its ugly head in these times of McCain's desperation to gain poll points. Whenever Bush's popularity dipped he elevated the Homeland Security rating -- the nation routinely went from a yellow (elevated) to an orange (high) rating depending on the whims of Karl Rove and his ilk. I was hoping this misuse of position was an antic of the past.

With only 32 days until the election, the major media is reporting that the McCain campaign is "taking off the gloves" and accusing Obama of terrorist connections for "palling" with William Ayers, a 1960's radical(founder of the Weather Underground) known for setting bombs in protest of the Vietnam War. No less than Time, the New York Times, New York Post, Chicago Sun Times and even Fox News have declared this claim untrue.

The key question is why the McCain campaign is focusing on fear mongering rather than spelling out his economic plans, clearly explaining his health care plan which would mean clearly explaining to the American public the difference between tax credits and tax breaks (I'd also like to know where a family can purchase a $5000/yr. health insurance policy), and explaining how he isn't going to raise taxes while supporting the Iraq War, bailing out Wall Street, and dealing with an $11 trillion debt.

Fear mongering appeals to the population who can't or won't fact check. Since I have met too many voters who believe any email that comes across their computer and who fail to fact check, I continue to hope that leaders and leader wannabes will take a higher road. I had high hopes for McCain (while supporting Obama) until he decided to become less maverick and more mainstream conservative.

It would also be worth noting that while William Ayers was a "protester" in the 1960's; using the word "terrorist" in today's society is tantamount to linking him to today's Middle Eastern terrorists.....and thus hoping to associate Barack Hussein Obama to terrorism. A new low and a great disappointment that someone as John McCain would use this tactic.