Monday, December 31, 2007


Resolutions have been of no use to me in the past. The number one, yearly resolution for most of my life has been to lose weight. There were probably 5 years of my life when that wasn't a resolution. But, in an attempt to record changes I would like to make in my life, I am going to record my "resolutions" here and check on them periodically to see how I am doing.

1. Lose weight
2. Exercise
3. Save money
4. Write more
5. Read more
6. Keep a list of all the books I read this year.
7. Clean the spare bedrooms and basement

Okay, this is probably a high standard to set for myself. I suppose I could tackle each item a bit each day or set aside one day for each. My success rate might be better if I post a list on the refrigerator -- a check list so I can check off items daily when the task is accomplished.

I figure I don't have to start until Jan 2 or if I really want to ease into it January 7 for a fresh new week. Tending toward procrastination as I do, Jan. 7 looks like a good start me time to grocery shop and make up a budget and refrigerator list.

I'll keep you all posted.

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