Thursday, April 24, 2008


My house went up for sale on Monday (sign goes in the yard tomorrow and so far nothing online)and today I made an offer to purchase on a house in Appleton. Contingent on the sale of my house, of course. This is all a bit overwhelming. I've lived in NL for 27 post college years and while I am ready not to live there, it is a change. How often will I see the kids when they come home, will I stay in touch with the friends I care about in NL, will I like this house as much as I love the own I now own.

My mind keeps racing ahead, thinking about the house as though I am on the verge of moving. Landscaping, paint, furniture, storage......the space where the playset sits could be turned into a garden.

Much like the shopping god, the house god will decide if I get this house and if mine sells. Well, St. Joseph will hopefully have a hand in my house selling.