Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Value of Hope

After 100 days in office Barack Obama is one of the most popular Presidents ever and holds a 61% approval rating. Of course there is criticism of what he has or hasn't done in this short time period, but there is agreement that the man has provided the country with hope. People feel an optimism they haven't felt for a long time.

Napolean Bonaparte stated, "A leader is a dealer in hope." If this is true, than Barack Obama is a true leader. Obama campaigned on the message of hope and change; at the time of his election this country was desperate for new leadership, a new vision, and hope. Part of Obama's success is from his essance, his ability to communicate, to remain unflappable, to stay in communication with the media and public. At the very least he gives the impression of working on issues.

The President is what this country needs at this time; he is fresh and has not spent decades entrenched in politics. Yes, he is a politician, but he not part of a political dynasty, is untainted by a long political past and scandal, and is a fresh face (in every way) for the country and world to see. And the country and the world is willing to be patient and allow him to the time he needs to make progress.

I am slightly obsessed with Barack Obama and his family, reading everything I can about them. I don't care that his PR machine is orchastrating photo ops. Every President has a PR machine. Michelle Obama is a fabulous role model, the girls adorable, the dog completing the "all American family" image. We Americans can be very shallow and if being distracted by this family is a way to make us feel better, I'm enjoying it. Every little feel good moment during this Great Recession is welcome.

I am still wanting to have dinner with the First Family. Heck, if hope is the name of the game, I will continue to hope. I am thinking of writing a letter inviting myself to dinner. I don't want to be invited to a formal event as that is not me. Just a little sit down family dinner ....