Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random Saturday Thoughts

  • Every day I check the Panda Cam at the San Diego zoo. The camera focuses on Zhen Zhen (which means Precious) the baby panda and mother Bai Lun. This is one of those feel good sites because each time I see those pandas I smile. The coloring and shape make them look so hugable and cuddly. So if you need a happy pick-me-up during the day, look at

  • We were in Home Depot today and Dan wanted to look at tools -- power tools, hammers, wrenches -- and I was sooooo (yawning) bored. Mall air revives me, Target air cheers me up, even Shopko air lifts my spirits. But Home Depot is not the store for me when it is a snowy, gray January day and I need some good store air to make me want to live.
  • I like my dog more than most people. No news flash there but just felt like typing it. I judge how much I like a person by how often I will pick up the phone when they call. If I pick it up immediately, I like that person lots. If I let it go to voice mail and get back to them (and how long I wait to get back to them is another indicator) they are middle of the road in my life. If I don't return the call, well.....that speaks for itself. At this point I immediately pick up for Ann, Patrick, Dan, Brian & Vicky, Julie, and Brenda.
  • Obama won South Carolina which makes me pretty happy. At this time he has 53% to Clinton's 28%. Super Tuesday (February 5) should be interesting for those two.
  • Last night the History Channel discussed the potential for Yellowstone National Park to blow like a volcano and create and horrific nuclear winter. I tend not to pay much attention to disaster warnings like this but for some reason I want to stock up on canned goods..... This website indicates that no one is sure when Yellowstone will erupt and it probably won't be immediately. But, one can't be too sure. I didn't stock up on plastic and duct tape as advised by Homeland Security for a terrorist attack since I think Homeland Security is a crock;t he history channel and the BBC are more credible sources than anyone in the Bush government.
  • Cupcakes are the newest cutesty decorating item, and Ann and I are quite taken with them. Just saying the word "cupcake" makes me want to eat one. At Target we picked up cupcake kitchen towels, picture holder, plate and dish, juice cup, and slippers. I came across some cupcake stickers and craft paper and made some cards. Ann and I briefly discussed getting matching cupcake tattoos but haven't decided firmly on that. I would get it on my shoulder blade so I won't get tired of it and it won't sag and look like the frosting is melting when I am 80. It would be fun to do that with her. I ordered some cupcake stamps and a cupcake die cut pattern so I can make more cards. I look in all stores now for cupcake items.
  • I need to get online and order some candidate buttons. I have a collection of them starting with Nixon. I don't have every candidate's buttons since then, but I like to get as many as I can.
  • Told Patrick I want to host a hookah party in the front yard this summer. Tobacco only, of course, but it would be so fun to tweak the neighbors (Gladys in particular) If not that then I'd like to have a front yard party....set up lawn chairs, have coolers of drinks, and hold hair dryers aimed at cars that drive past.
  • Julie and I are going to meet Brenda for coffee next week. Neither Julie nor I are sure how Brenda is doing. Julie talked to her Monday, and Brenda just said that the doctors are making her comfortable. Julie and I find comfort in each other since we are both cowards and unsure how to deal with her illness but we know we don't want to abandon her.
  • We went to see the movie "Untraceable" last night and can't stop thinking about it.

    Guess that's enough of Saturday random thoughts. Good night and sleep tight.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mad Bomber Hat

In honor of the -1 degree temperature (-20 degrees wind chill) Packer v. Giants NFC championship game kickoff, I am posting pictures of Dan and me in mad bomber hats. Dan is sitting at Lambeau Field enjoying the game in the frosty weather, possibly even wearing the pictured hat. I am toasty warm in my home watching it all. If I was at the game I would look like a thermal burka clad sausage....layers, layers, layers, layers, and a sleeping bag.

Everyone knows that to keep warmer, covering one's head is the first body part to cover. Okay, the players wear helmets. Media of all kinds have broadcast that appropriate dress in this desperate cold is to layer clothing. The majority of players I am watching have bare arms. (Bret is wisely wearing his Under Armor) The sports announcers made a special point of telling viewers that the Packer line will not cover their arms for this game. Uh......can someone explain to me why? I understand that they are running around. I comprehend the adreneline rush these guys must get. But I also get the notion of frostbite, pain in falling on frozen ground, and numbness that occurs when skin is exposed to such temperatures. I do hope the reason for the bare arms is not.....please tell me it isn't true.....machismo.

Guys who get pounded by 200+ pound men, who are continually tackled and lay at the bottom of a pile of six of those 200+ men, guys who display those impressive muscles week after week don't need to provide any more evidence of their masculinity. I get it without them showing how tough they are in the face of the "frozen tundra."

I imagine the mothers of each of those bare armed players are wringing their hands in worry over their "babies's" decisions to tough the cold without the benefit of Under Armor. I know I would be. This is the coldest game in NFL history, and players aren't listening to their mothers.

As a side note, it is good to see that both the AFC and NFC championship games were played outside instead of in whimpy, pansy-ass domes. The dome players are definitely not as manly as outdoor stadium players. Football began as an outdoor game and it should be played in the elements. From a quick count it appears that 24 teams play outdoors with only 7 indoor teams. A California journalist whined about the ridiculousness of playing such important games in these icy temperatures........figures it was a writer from California. While I am not a fan of winter, cold, and snow I do feel a sense of pride in the citizens of our state who go about their daily lives in such weather. The Packers reflect the hardiness of the state. Players have the option of dressing warmer and fans have the option of not attending the game or dressing to suit the conditions.

While the machismo could take time off for this game, I salute the hearty players of both teams and give cheers to mad bomber hats, Under Armor, Carthart, handwarmers, long underwear, layers-layers-layers, outdoor football stadiums.

Green Bay Packers fan Jeff Kahlow walks outside Lambeau Field prior to the NFC Championship football game between the Packers and the New York Giants, Sunday, Jan. 20, 2008, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip