Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Magic

As a child Christmas held the magic of Santa Claus and the gifts he brought. There was the excitement of knowing he slipped into the house while I was sleeping, depositing toys, toys, toys under the tree and into the stockings. There was eager early morning whispering between my brothers and me while waiting for our parents to arise.

As an adult Christmas has lost a lot of its magic. I enjoy shopping and believe I have the ability to choose gifts others will enjoy. But there is a frantic atmosphere that pervades the holidays now. We all know Christmas is ALWAYS on December 25, and the retail industry has tried to “help” shoppers have enough time to achieve their obligatory gift giving by beginning the Christmas shopping set up and advertising in October. Still, its seems people continue to rush about in December and complain about how much they have left to do prior to family get togethers.

This year was not a rushed December for me. While I will admit to a marathon of cleaning my house, baking, and present wrapping on the Eve of Christmas Eve, this holiday was enjoyable and some of the magic was back. I am fortunate to be related to or know people who picked out unique gifts for me. They obviously put thought into gifts that were appropriate for my quirkiness, and these people and gifts brought the magic back into my Christmas.

Ann had been delayed in River Falls the day before Christmas Eve due to bad weather. When she made it to my house for Christmas Eve she brought with her a new holiday mascot….The Traditional Trout. A papier-mâché painted trout with a holly adornment is proudly displayed on my Christmas tree and will be displayed in such a manner for Christmases to come. Now, people outside the family may not appreciate the Traditional Trout but for our family it is perfect…..something unique and out of the ordinary!

Patrick gave me a hookah. While in Milwaukee visiting him, we walked past a head shop with beautiful hookahs on display in the window. I was quite taken with these and commented that I would like one because they are unique and pretty. This conversation happened a few other times and on Christmas Eve I received my hookah. I am pretty sure I am the only mother in New London to have received this gift. It is beautiful and will be proudly displayed in my home. And it is what I wanted!

My brother Brian apparently has read my blog and decided to find an item mentioned in one of the entries. I had written a blog in which I mentioned perfumes I had worn in high school but imagine my surprise and wonderment when I opened a box to find Heaven Scent perfume and body lotion!! I wore Heaven Scent all through high school --- I copied LuAnn Summers, the most popular girl in our school. It doesn’t smell too bad considering how one’s taste in scents changes over 36 years. I don’t know where he found it and never imagined it was still manufactured but maybe girls are still wearing it hoping to be popular!

I often talk about wanting to have a rabbit as a pet. I love looking at them at Petco and this summer we looked at them at the Calumet County Fair. Steven and I particularly liked a brown fuzzy rabbit named Rosemary. I also enjoy the Skittles Rabbit commercial and often tell others about it. Most people don’t appreciate the commercial but Ann, Steven, and I are kindred spirits in our enjoyment of the ad. Steven is a thoughtful gift giver and this Christmas he once again matched my present perfectly with my interests. Upon unwrapping his gift I found two soft, cuddly, stuffed bunnies! I immediately named the dark brown one Rosemary and after some thought am calling the tan bunny Iggy. I laughed so hard while also being tickled by the gift.

These people and their gifts made my Christmas magical. They put thought and effort into choosing my gifts, and I am touched by that thoughtfulness. At my age I truly don’t “need” anything material. What I have realized is that they had me laughing and enjoying the holiday and that is all I really “need” anymore!

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