Monday, September 29, 2008

Both Sides Now

I went to see Barack Obama last week. It was exciting to hear the lead in speeches by state politicians and a chill ran down my back when Obama came on stage. It was also energizing to talk to others who shared my political beliefs. The Resch Center was filled with 6,000 people who shared my political beliefs.

In Presidential elections Wisconsin votes for the Democratic candidate; Milwaukee and Madison are the Democratic strongholds. I live in a part of the state that is a Republican stronghold. The John Birch Society is based in Appleton, Joe McCarthy's bust is still in the Outagamie County courthouse, and the Republican Party originated in Ripon. So to be with 6,000 other Democrats was not only unusual but refreshing.

As irritated as I can get with some Republican viewpoints, I admit that if everyone thought alike it would be not only boring but unhealthy. The difference in opinions keeps discussion alive, a chance for compromise, an opportunity to look at other sides of an issue.

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cjc said...

I'm so jealous that you got to see/hear Obama in person! We were traveling when he was here in Portland last Spring, so I missed the excitement. I do hope he'll make a return visit after the election - when he's President!