Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break

Ann, Patrick, and I arrived in Palm Springs at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time today. Since we've been up since 4:30 a.m. everyone is tired tonight but we'll head for Joshua Tree National Park tomorrow.
The flights were more turbulent then we would have liked but we all survived. Children sat behind us and at first we thought we would have to through them into a storage compartment. They kicked the back of our chairs, drummed out cadences on the lap trays and were just generally annoying prior to the plane getting off ground. I typically don't find children bothersome in restaurants and on planes so these kids had kicked it up to "bugging the hell out of me." Since my kids have always traveled well and were not allowed to annoy others I have little patience for children whose parents believe they can inflict their children on the rest of us.

Upon deplaning we immediately liked Palm Springs because.... well, the weather was 72 degrees and there was no snow. The only snow to be seen was at the top of the mountains where it was picturesque and not a reminder of an endless winter. We didn't see much of the city but it looks clean, has lots of flowers and palm trees and the gorgeous mountains are in plain view.

The hotel is nice and will work just fine. Our room has a refrigerator and microwave plus a balcony. Ann and I sat by the pool after supper until the sun went behind the mountain.

The general population seems quite.......mature. Spry but certainly a geriatric crowd. I think I should do a photo essay on the "mature" men as they all have a similar look about them. Golf clothing is a sure fashion statement with these men.

Oh, our rental car is a bright blue PT Cruiser. We found the car, looked at each other, grimaced and then laughed.

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