Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Palm Canyon Drive

We stayed in Palm Springs today. Breakfast was at 11:00 at Baker's Square and then onto the shops on Palm Canyon Drive. We mostly browsed and Patrick found two great T-shirts. At the first shop he did buy one and although he really liked another, the $80 price tag turned him off. At Crazy Shirt a hemp died, pro-hemp use shirt also caught his eye. Ann picked up a top at a store and I ended up with some T-shirts from "Life is Good." Ann and I fell in love with a metal, moving roadrunner and it is being shipped. The woman in that store was originally from Michigan and identified us as Wisconsinites immediately. Something about how I say the word "no." We enjoyed talking to her and learning a few things about living in Palm Springs vs. the Midwest.
An art gallery was the best stop. This was the most tasteful gallery I've seen and most of the work focused on Native American pieces. Ann was quite taken with an oil painting by B.C. Nowlin. The gallery owner was quite helpful, pleasant, and spent a decent amount of time with us. The painting she liked most was $12000 and a smaller version was $6000. They were spectacular.

The rest of the day was spent at the hotel pool. Although all of us are red from yesterday, we slathered on the sun screen and relished the sun. So relaxing. Bright blue sky, palm trees, chirping birds, flowers, pool.....everything to like.

Dinner was at the Blue Coyote Grill for Mexican food. Since it was early we took at drive into Rancho Mirage, stopped at an upscale mall for a short time and left after finding the Tiffany's store closed for the evening. Ann and I had wanted to introduce Patrick to that store even though he wasn't as excited about it as we were.

Tomorrow is back to Joshua Tree. We're hoping to see the cactus garden and wildflowers plus dig up our own cactus at a place we saw on Tuesday.

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