Tuesday, January 29, 2008


NL 's Walgreens opened in November and while it is like every other Walgreens having in NL means I don't have to go to Walmart for certain products.

In case any readers aren't familiar with Walgreens it contains the following departments: pharmacy, beauty products, skin care, cards, magazines, holiday items, beverages, select groceries, cleaning products, bakeware, tools, and a photo department. I haven't covered everything but you get the general idea. The stores are brightly lit and clean. I don't know how the prices compare with Walmart prices but I'm not greeted at the door by a Walmart greeter. I have yet to hear a screaming child whose mother screams back at said child. I haven't run into anyone in too narrow aisles. The store clerks at Walgreens haven't sneezed into their hands and then handed me my receipt. The people I've seen at Walgreens have all their teeth and haven't permed their hair into tight curl hell.

Today I shopped happily at Walgreens. I purchased Crest mouth rinse, cotton squares, witch hazel, soy care, crackers, milk, and almonds. When checking out I told the clerk how happy I was to have the store in NL. I was horrified when she informed me that the store was not very busy! She is from NL also and stated that they are all shocked at how unbusy the store is. How can this be?? Why aren't people flocking to this clean, shiny, conveniently located, pleasant, diversely stocked addition to this retail deprived town. The clerk thought that if the Walgreens flyers were inserted into the Buyer's Guide more people would know about the sales (the flyer is only inserted into the Press Star but are also located in the front of the store), and she said that Walgreen's prices are a bit higher than Walmart's prices. I don't know what those price differences are but my sanity is worth whatever I don't save at Walmart!

When it was being built everyone I know was excited about the Walgreens coming to NL. Are these people not putting their money where their excitement was? People, people, people...how is it going to look if this town can support three Dollar Stores, a Cash Store, numerous bars but not a hardware store, a Sears store or a Walgreens.


dani said...

It will look about the same as how we support 80 car parts stores. But I credit half of that to the high school kids who like to pimp out their dodge neons, if they even still do that... i'm not sure since it's been five years.

i havn't gone to the walgreens yet, i feel like if i go there to "check it out" im falling into some trap of being the townie that is over excited to visit the new store, but after reading your blog, i will give it a try, perhaps even tomorrow.

you should write a blog about winter drivers, since it took me an hour to get home from waupaca tonight.

ok, enough with my rambling, good night! =]

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the electronics that they sell at Walgreens. They used to sell an electronics brand, maybe they still do, called Goldstar. This brand was actually rated quite well in Consumer Reports for a few items, like VCRs, for a couple years.

I like their one-hour photo as well. A word of warning though-don't send photos out to be done, do it in store, if sent out they may be lost.

The Walgreens that stay open 24 hours can be kind of scary late at night/early morning. It is more the people in them at that time rather than the store.

They also seem to take into account the city, town, village they move into for architecture. In a nearby small town they changed they outside look of their building to match the "look and feel" of the architecture of the town.