Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sometimes It's a Jackass World

Did Barack snub Hillary at the State of the Union Address? OMG -- this is as newsworthy as the latest Brittany update! Okay, maybe a bit more newsworthy but only because Barack and Hillary are actually important national figures who could hold the future of our country in their hands. Is there anyone out there who can say they haven't avoided a person who has been irritating them greatly? If Obama truly did snub her I know exactly how he was feeling as I've done it and had it done to me. So what.

The Giants v. the Patriots at the SuperBowl on Sunday. CBS News just aired a segment on fans who have heart attacks from the stress induced by the angst, excitement, passion felt during such an event. Can anyone say "get a life?" Wonder how these people react to truly stressful crises in their lives.

It's cold outside. Really? Are we in Arizona? No.
Are we in Wisconsin and is it January? Yes. Well then it's supposed to be cold, stupid!

Driving along in a car/truck/van/RV and a turn/lane change is to be made......what does a responsible, alert, polite driver do? Turn On A Blinker. My driver education teacher wore coke bottle glasses because he had tunnel vision, he never took us out of our little town and onto a highway to drive, but I learned to use a blinker! This is not calculus, people. A little flick of a finger or wrist and ta dah, the blinker is on!

Don't yell at your crying kid in a store. The kid doesn't need it, and the rest of us don't need it. Your yelling just makes us think you are an icky mom. Kids fuss and cry when they are tired or hungry and if you have made the bad choice of hauling your kid to Walmart during nap/lunch/snack time then you are the one who should be yelled at. On the same note, if you are in a store and your child continues to cry for more than 5 minutes, please don't think the rest of us are amused, understanding, tolerant, feeling benevolent by this noise. If there weren't laws against homicide you would be road kill and your child adopted out.

Why don't people put their grocery carts in the "cart corral?" Geez, the cart depository even has a cute name that should make you want to take care of your little cart (pony) so it doesn't run away? If you are able to drive to the grocery store, buy enough groceries to warrent using a cart, and can take the cart to your car you are able to put the cart where it belongs! I don't care if its raining. I don't care if its sub zero weather. I don't care if your child/husband/mother/friend is crying/complaining/criticizing/in a hurry you can put the cart where it belongs. There should be parking lot police who ticket lazy shoppers who don't comply with this simple responsibility. Okay, maybe there would be pass cards for the elderly who are really really frail but they would have to pass a frailty test first.

Little things matter, and it doesn't take much effort NOT to be a jackass. So give it a try.... work to clean up your act.

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dani said...

I know I should be appauled at the picture of the crying infant, but it just makes me want one.