Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yesterday was spent recovering from the 6 inches of snow dumped on Appleton Sunday night. Today's gray, rainy, foggy and sleet/freezing rain weather is depressing. (my apologies, Annabelle, for writing about the weather) To combat the never ending winter, I went to a favorite florists/greenhouse. Ah, the earthy smell, green sprouting geraniums are a sign of spring and just what I needed.

I was looking for a potted, blooming daffodil plant but those won't be available for a few weeks. However, the suitable runnerup, a tulip bouquet, is now sitting on my coffee table. Some would not consider this a practical purchase in these tough economic times, but the mood uplift of these flowers is worth the price.


aelawton said...

i dont even care that you wrote about the weather! the tulips make up for it! tulips always remind me of spring, the end of school and my birthday. i wish, like daffodils, they lived longer.

Cheryle said...

"Practical" should never be a consideration when buying flowers, especially tulips, and especially after the winter we've endured!

They're lovely.

Vicky said...

Maybe next year we'll even get some bulbs planted in your yard so you can see them coming up as well. I'd be happy to help!