Monday, March 9, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

I confess to watching "Dancing with the Stars," the only reality show I follow. Because I have two left feet and feel too inhibited to dance, the show appeals to my inner Ginger Rogers. (Who did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in heels)

There are dancers I automatically like, some whose performances are cringe-worthy, a few I want voted off as soon as possible. But, I sure give anyone willing to sign on for this show credit for their hard work.

What makes this show different from other reality shows? The contestants must learn a new skill and the judging isn't mean spirited. "The Bachelor" is nauseatingly predatory, "American Idol" has Simon who is arrogant and nasty, and "Survivor" is filled with back stabbing contestants. "Dancing with the Stars" is a a friendly, fun, glittery competition. It gives me the mind candy I like this time of year.


Cheryle said...

I, too, enjoy "Dancing with the Stars," but Jim is not at all interested. So this is one of those times when we each retire to our own t.v. and indulge our own desires. And I think women enjoy "Dancing" more than men do, for a number of reasons. I like to see the hard work that goes into learning a new skill, and I do enjoy the grace of dancing. I'm much more interested in ballroom dancing than in some of the other types they do, but all are fun!

Holly said...

I once read that what saves many relationships is each person having their own TV....while I don't typically agree, in such cases that is probably true!