Friday, January 9, 2009

Phone Call Relief

I heard from my traveling daughter. She called at 6:45 a.m. today (it was around 3:00 p.m. in Egypt) and assured me she is safe and having a wonderful time. I could not hear all that she said but the call was clear enough to make out her calm, serene, and clearly happy mood.

The people are friendly, she is rooming with a 60 year old German woman, and an ATM ate her debit card. With only $100 American in her pocket a Minneapolis couple took pity on her and lent Ann $200. To show you how much she is loving the country she announced that she is not in Egypt to shop but to take in the culture and scenery!

My dear first born shared that she wakes up each day amazed that she is actually in Egypt and announced that she will be making a return trip. I had browsed her itinerary last night and checked the map to make sure the tour was not going near the Gaza boarder. While the military is ever present, Ann commented that she did feel safe. The only other shareable news I got was that the area around the Nile (the group took a trip down the Nile yesterday) is very lush but two miles outside the river is desert.

I have rarely heard this girl sound so calm. Maybe there is something special about the land of Isis and the power of the pyramids. I will have to find that out vicariously but, for now, I am pleased she is happy and safe.

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Cheryle said...

What a pain to lose her ATM card, but what a nice couple to loan her money! And she's rooming with someone my age, so you know she'll get to bed early! :-)

So glad to hear that you are comforted by her call. She'll be back before you know it - and then on to the next adventure!