Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Mom's Job is to Worry

As I type this my first born is winging her way to Egypt. At 23 she is an experienced traveler and has seen many Western states, some of the South, taken two cruises, visited Canada, and traveled to Europe twice. She is a confident, assertive, mature person and is traveling with a seasoned group leader.

I am her mother, so I am worried. Whenever she travels I have her in my thoughts more often than usual, but for this trip I am truly concerned for her safety. I have double checked the State Department Travel reports, understand that Egypt is one of the more stable Middle Eastern countries, and trust her group leader. But it is in the Middle East and while I was worried when she announced this expedition, since the Gaza/Israel debacle I am even more concerned.

My children are patient with my mothering. I preface my worries by telling them as their mother I have a need to share my advice/unease/concern; could they please bear with me, listen, and know I feel better for expressing my thoughts. My daughter listened to my concerns, assured me all will be well, and flew off to this vastly different culture. She will call me when she can (I am not an overbearing mother and do not excessively call my kids) to alleviate my fears, and I will assure her of my pride in her adventurous spirit and the opportunities she seizes.

When she returns in two weeks I will travel to see her and marvel at her photos, tales, and souvenirs. I will hug her a little longer than usual, thankful for her safe return. For now, your kind thoughts for her safety would be appreciated.


Cheryle said...

Oh, Holly, they truly have no idea how difficult it is to be a mother! When they're small you think that's the hardest part; truth is, that's the only time you know where they are and that they're safe. The hardest part is letting go and trusting their instincts. But it is still in our nature as parents to worry, particularly when we fear they could fall into harm's way.

I will keep her AND you in my prayers. Please let us know when you hear from her, so all of us can travel vicariously. I feel quite certain that, should things escalate or should Egypt prove to be unsafe, their tour would be cut short for their safety.

And, still, you are her mom. Warm thoughts to you, my friend!

Holly said...

Thank you, Cheryle. Another friend assured me that the trip will be cut short should US citizens' safety is compromised. And you are so right when stating that our worries about our children when they were young are nothing to our worries about them as they grow older!

Brian said...

Worrying helps. Anytime a doctor tells us to not worry about Brandi we realize that they don't truly know what they are talking about. The proof that worry helps is her age and condition. So worry away, it will probably keep her safe!