Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama

It is difficult to describe the overwhelming emotions I am feeling almost 12 hours after learning Barack Obama is my President-elect. I have tears in my eyes at the feeling of joy and hope and pride for the future of my country. This man, aided by the events of the last eight years, has brought about a historical voter turnout, has instilled a hope for this country that had virtually disappeared, and broken a barrier many thought would not fall away in their lifetime.

Voters under 30 voted 2-1 for Obama, and there is hope they will continue to be involved in politics; they have seen how their votes count and that they do indeed have a say in their country's events. May that youth keep at bay the cynicism my generation has let overtake us. May they continue to be involved, be vocal, be active in the process that can be frustrating, bogged down, and tedious -- but a process that allows us to vote for change and voice our opinions loudly and clearly.

There are hard times ahead of us, changes that need to be made, work that must be done, but we have a President who will lead us, scold us, encourage us, prod us, embolden us --- there is hope where there has been a hole in our hearts. We will now have a President who can work for the good of this country and will force us to work for that good--for we are all in this together. Giving this country back its strength and its pride is a duty for us all, not just the responsibility of the President. May we hold ourselves as accountable as we hold our President.

I believe Barack Obama is the man we need for these times, the man who will give us back our strength, pride, and encourage us to work for what we need. He gives me renewed hope and inspires me as no other has.

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Cheryle said...

Holly, your comments are so true! We, like the children we have been and often are, need someone to scold, to prod, to encourage. We need to take our places as responsible citizens of this great nation instead of leaving everything to the government to do. We need to make sacrifices and to care for our fellow man. Thank you for making this post today. It has broadened my vision for the Obama Presidency.