Monday, November 10, 2008

A Face to Love

Ahhhh, I am having writer's block so browsed Blogger for inspiration. Blogs of Note are fun to view and I found this morning. I love animals and am touched to read this blog which should be shared.

One picture on the blog is of this donkey who has a face one has to love! If I had a hobby farm I would own a donkey, a llama, a goat, ducks, kitties, and many dogs. There is something adorable about all these animals and many more.

I know people who don't believe animals go to heaven. What kind of heaven doesn't have animals? A friend, who is very religious, once said, "If my dog isn't in heaven, I don't want to go either." I cannot imagine spending eternity without animals.


Cheryle said...

Thanks for posting this, Holly. She lives here in Oregon, so it was of particular interest to me. I'm too urban to live her life, but I do enjoy living it vicariously!

Bubba said...

A man and his dog died. The man was then walking with his dog. He walked a long way and came to a large pearly fence that blocked their way. He and the dog looked at each other and turned right to follow the fence. They came to a gate and the man asked to come in. The gatekeeper said he could go in, but his dog could not. The man just shook his head and he and the dog kept walking. They finally came to another gate. The man went up to the gatekeeper and asked him for a bowl of water for the dog. The gatekeeper asked him why didn't want to come in? The man replied he would not go in without the dog and the other gatekeeper already told him he could not bring the dog, so could he please just have a bowl of water. The gatekeeper gave a sigh and said, "that was Satan at the other gate, dogs are welcome here in heaven, both your dog and you can come in".