Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Voting Day Miscellaneous

Primary day in Wisconsin. I love voting. I may be a cynical American but enjoy taking part in the democratic process because I do believe each vote counts. The last few Presidential elections have shown just how important each person's vote is. I shall be anxiously awaiting the results tonight.

The snow is so high that it is difficult to see into intersections to see if another vehicle is coming. All this means is people will need to be more cautious and creep up slowly to see into the street. The high snow has caused significant bitching already, as though living in Wisconsin hasn't provided us with snow issues in the past. Why is it driving seems to bring out the worst in people?

Fidel Castro has stepped down as leader of Cuba, but the US has no plans to restore its relationship with the country. I don't get it. We have trade relationships with China, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries...all which have sketchy human rights records. How long is this ridiculous grudge going to go on? Aren't we the only country that boycotts Cuba? Canadians vacation in Cuba. I want to vacation in Cuba.

I'm hooked on "Project Runway." While taking care of Ann in RF we watched reruns of the show and I loved it. I think the final season 4 episode is tomorrow night. Such interesting personalities of the designers and amazing to see the work that goes into designing an outfit. Tim Gunn is a class act and I'd love to spend a week with him, having him "redo" me.

The second amendment declares a well-regulated militia as "being necessary to the security of a free State" and prohibits infringement of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms." Here's a thought. People who bear arms should be called up to assist the army and national guard in the Middle East. People own guns without giving a thought as to the real reason they are allowed to do so. A reminder is certainly called for in this gun-violent ridden age in America. What maybe would scare me is how many of the gun owners would enjoy going to war to kill the terrorists they believe will be storming the streets of America if we don't defeat them in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Anonymous said...

The second amendment thing burns my buttons! Why in the world the courts have ignored the second part of that amendment, the part about being in a militia, is beyond me. Ok, actually it is not beyond me. It is about money plain and simple. Jeepers creepers I think that if a person owns a gun or twenty they should show they know how to take care of 'em, show they can shoot them, and be required to be a part of a local or state militia. Lordy wouldn't that freak out "government wants to take my gun away" conspiracy folks.