Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Right or Left

White, older Dodge Caravan with numerous stickers on it, big cross hanging from the rear view mirror .... the bumper sticker on the sliding door window caught my eye. "Not Right or Left. Right or Wrong." Woa!!! A tad judgmental? A bit inflexible? Righteouslyarrogant?(no pun intended)

Imagine for a minute that such minded people came into military power in this country; a religious military coup put them in charge. Guess we couldn't call them the Taliban since that name is taken. Let's just call them "Godites" for now. "Onward Christian Soldiers" is the Godites' theme song. Immediate social changes mandated by this ultra conservative religious ruling group are: no stores are open on Sundays, no body piercings, no tattoos, no tank tops or skimpy clothing worn by women, cooking and sewing are mandatory classes for females as women will not work outside the home, evolution is not taught in schools nor issex ed. Everyone takes an oath to Christianity; any dissenters are forceably removed from the country. Citizens agree with the Godites or risk stoning. Any civil liberties lost during the Bush administration remain lost. The ACLU goes underground. Anita Bryant, Jerry Falwell, and Oral Roberts are declared saints. Gays are ritually hanged each Sunday.

Canada will erect a fence to keep the fleeing masses out of its country.

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