Thursday, February 7, 2008

Senior Citizen Parking

Some stores are beginning to designate parking for senior citizens. I have seen signs at Festival Foods and Shopko for such parking. Tonight I was killing time at a Shopko, and while walking back to my car I actually saw a car parked in such a spot. A woman got out of the car, and, well, I checked her out....I wanted to see who considered herself a senior citizen. She qualified if only because she had that frizzy kind of perm women in their 70's often resort to wearing plus she had on polyester pants.

At what age does a person qualify for status as "Senior Citizen?" AARP wants you classified as an elder as early as possible! I believe I started receiving information from them at age 49. Many stores state that to receive a senior citizen discount a person must be 55 years and older. Geez, that isn't that far off. I probably will ask for a discount at a store at 55 but park in Senior Citizen Parking at that age? I think not!

There are several reasons I will refuse to park in that senior citizen parking. First, whether I am capable of easily walking a distance into a store or not, I am going to make every darn effort to walk from elsewhere in the parking lot so people won't think I'm frail and old. If I park in senior citizen designated parking it is admitting I am old, others will then know I'm old, and they will know that I know I'm old. What will come Ed McMahon bathtub?

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donnie said...

I've also seen parking stalls for... expecting mothers, families with small children, and employee of the month in addition to the hadicap and senior citizen parking. I've thought about parking in the expecting mothers stall... I wonder if you have to be 2 days from poping or if 2 months preggos counts you as being able to utilize the spot. Who is really going to call you on it?