Monday, November 5, 2007

No Passions

Dan told me he has not missed seeing a Packer game in 10 years. He is able to attend some home games but otherwise he watches them on TV. I was astonished. I don't believe I have ever had an interest or hobby that compelled me to always watch it, participate in it, and/or make time for it for 10 years. I am jealous.

A few years ago, Lisa, the law office receptionist, won tickets to a Packer game. She had never been to a Packer game and loves the team. She was so excited she had tears in her eyes. Joan and I discussed what it would take for us to be that excited -- we came up with winning the lottery.

It is just a coincidence that both these examples revolve around the Packers. The point is that these people have a passionate interest in something. The last interest that consumed me was the high school referendum (some might say it was an obsession). Why don't I have passions? Why am I not avidly interested in one thing? Do I insulate my feelings so I don't get disappointed in caring about something?


Anonymous said...

Who are the Packers?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?? The Packers are the Green Bay Packers (American)Professional Football team. They are America's team, rich in history and rooted in small town USA.

Anonymous said...

Oh - you mean the team whose quarterback, until this year, was really good at throwing interceptions? The guy who the entire world made excuses for his mistakes?

Anonymous said...

No, I mean the team whose quarterback has or will break every NFL passing record (including interceptions - goes with the territory), who was MVP three times (do you know anyone else who has done that?). I'm also talking about the team who currently has the best record in the NFC.