Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have been invisible. There are days I want to go unrecognized by everyone I meet when I take the dog for a walk, am forced to go to the grocery store or Walmart. Anonymity can be difficult to achieve in a small town, but by wearing a baseball cap and my glasses (better yet sunglasses) I can walk by people I have known for 15 years and they will not recognize me! The simplicity of this is breathtaking.

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aelawton said...

funny how just the slightest change in appearence can make some one not recognize you.
remember back senior year of high school when i went blonde for two weeks? i got more attention because of that...and then when i went back to my brown hair, i then became invisible ( for a while). also, i never wear white (you know me, the more black the better in a classy way) and when i do where white, people dont recognize4 me and have to do double takes.
just imagine what a wig might do for you!