Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gladys's Donkey

This is Glady’s donkey cart. This donkey cart is ugly, tacky, I don’t like it, and it has been a major fixture of Glady’s front lawn for at least 3 years. Those are plastic flowers in the cart. I would like to kidnap (donkeynap?) this lawn ornament and hold it for ransom. Ann suggested using Photoshop to place the donkey in various settings and sending Gladys the photos with ransom notes.

Doesn’t the donkey look sad? I wonder if real flowers would make it happier? Poor donkey.


cassandralynne. said...

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The best thing about the Zone is that you actually get to eat! In fact, the meals fill you up. If you stick to the plan, you rarely find yourself hungry and it seems to work well. So far. LoL.

Thanks for the comment!

aelawton said...

oh my god. when did you take that photo?!??? this has seriosuly made my day. when i come home this weekend i want to do something to it or get my picture taken by it.we need to name the donkey.