Friday, September 21, 2007


Dropped Watson off for grooming and had three hours to kill before he was done so went to the day spa in the Fox River Mall for a manicure and pedicure. Sigh….the pedicure is so relaxing and the manicurists at this place don’t talk much to clients which I like. I don’t want to have to make small talk; I just want to relax.

However, my conscience kicked in while my feet were being scrubbed. I blame this on my reading a book about women who survive wars; I then signed up to sponsor a woman on So, as I am relaxing and having my dry, cracked feet scrubbed my conscience questions my choosing to spend money on this frivolity rather than donating it to a good cause. Uh, oh…..nothing like being reminded that I have shown little purpose in life of late and that I waste time on indulgences instead of doing good deeds.

I do believe in “signs” and am wondering if I haven’t been getting some hints that it is time to do for others. There have been three “signs” in the last two weeks:
1) I was having the Subaru serviced and began talking to a woman who tutored a young Mexican mother in English. This woman was trained by the literary council and tutors the young woman once or twice per week.
2) I picked up Watson from boarding yesterday and took home a Waupaca County Humane Society newsletter. They need people to walk dogs.
3) While in Iowa this week I went into a store selling only products from third world countries and picked up a book on women who survive wartime situations (the Sudan, Rwanda, Bosnia, etc) and went to a website which asks for sponsors for these women.
4) Okay, I said there were three signs but while typing the above I remembered a fourth volunteer opportunity that has been lurking in the back of my mind. There is a program that has people mentoring young women who have become involved in the juvenile judicial process.

Now, I am fully capable of volunteering for all of the above. I need to do something with my time and my life. I have had four opportunities virtually fall into my lap. Could I live without pedicures……yes. Do I want to live without pedicures… Could I donate money and my time and still have pedicures…..probably. Hmmmm, is this compromise or just getting my way on both issues……

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