Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reminding Myself

After turning 53 last week I've decided I needed a record of why every day above ground is a good day. I want this blog to keep track of my flights of fancy, my need to disregard reality and live more in fantasy, record my bad poetry, and log my attempts to retain a sense of humor. I'm sure seriousness and reality will sneak in.

Most of my life I have been too serious, too concerned about what others thought, worried about things big and small. After age 50 those worries and concerns have been lessening, and I find I prefer fantasy to reality, no longer need a face covered in make up to leave the house, will wash my hair every other day rather than each day, and will wear grubby clothes to the store. I ignore people I don't wish to encourage, I no longer care if people like me nor do I replay conversations in my head.

At 53 I am sillier, less concerned about most everything, more patient, happier.

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