Friday, November 13, 2009

12 Year Old Energy Level

Whew! Happy it is Friday! The 6th graders have been wound up all week and took it up a notch today. Wound up means getting out of their seats at random to walk around the room, periodically breaking a pencil so there is an excuse to sharpen it, speaking to a friend while the teacher is talking, focusing all attention of a pencil/ruler/folded paper in front of them rather than paying attention to a lesson. If it were only a student or two in a class here and there I'd say "oh, well." That is not the case. I provide student support in 6 classes and each class has at least 3 students per class who exhibit the above behavior on a daily basis. Most of these are boys and they are not impressed/intimidated/cowed by any adult reprimands, cajoling, threats. The only time they settle is when an educational video is playing.

For some reason I was not at wits end today. Maybe I'm getting used to the behavior and weathering it rather than becoming irritated by it. I've also learned where to focus my attention during a class --- and thank my lucky stars I'm not the teacher! I've also developed relationships with our small group of mainstreamed LD students and enjoy working with them. They keep me sane. Most are nice kids who work hard and want to succeed. Those who don't are so low level we often discuss, worriedly, their adulthood fate.

So, even though the students provided some challenges today, I am in a good mood, not tired and looking forward to the weekend. Oh, and its payday!