Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Many of us don't want to name our children names that are common and overly popular. Since a name plays a large role in a person's life, parents generally spend a great deal of time choosing one. But, it seems that some parents are trying too hard to be original. If the name itself isn't so unique, then the spelling of it is different. Here are some of the first names I've encountered at school:

Gunner, Tremaine, Stetson, Thalia, Eeva, Keontae, Chauncy, Kylee, Genisis, Rymer, Colt, Kloie, Shaw, Sir, Rylee.

I don't know about you, but I find these smack of the "trying too hard" syndrome.

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Cheryle said...

I think you're right - sometimes it's almost as if they've missed the point. The other trend I've noticed is taking names that are obviously meant for one gender and giving them to another. We're all familiar with girls named Taylor or Morgan, but my grandson has a girl in his school named Felix - and I'm getting used to it!