Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Already July

July already. While the summer temps have been cooler than normal, you'll get no complaining from me. We have had "San Diego" weather for much of the summer -- 70's, little humidity, breezy, sunny. It hasn't rained for a few weeks which means my lawn is slowly turning a crispy brown which is just how I like it. Translation: no having to mow the grass! Oh, the weeds are hearty and growing like, well, weeds but so be it.

I can't seem to focus too long on one topic which is why there have been no coherently written blogs. Oh, I've written my articles for Examiner.com and all but haven't felt a burning desire to communicate any profound thoughts here. Even some of the recent political hilarities provided by prominant Republicans hasn't spurred me to write. The Mark Sanfords and Sarah Palins can implode well enough without me.

How have I been spending the time?

1. Visiting shops and writing articles on them. I have met delightful shop owners, assistants, found bargains, and promoted these places on the website.

2. I have spent time with both children. Patrick is now in Ireland for three weeks and from what we hear, he is having a grand time! Learning Celtic (and the boy thought they spoke English there), dancing (I want a demonstration upon his return), drinking Guiness, and eating new food combinations.

Ann has been back and forth and is in the midst of packing up her apartment to make her move to Milwaukee. I spent an afternoon with her while she got a new tattoo and we had much fun. I cannot wait to have her closer so we can spend more time together.

3. My social life has been busy. Between graduation parties, a bridal shower (please, don't invite me), the 4th of July, and meeting neighbors I have spent more time with people than usual. It has been fun and an upcoming wedding this Saturday should be the icing on the cake.

4. Watson and I have discovered a dog park a few miles away. I know he enjoys the great scents and I love seeing all the breeds of dogs. Yesterday we met a shitzu mix sporting a mowhawk.

5. I have been reading a great deal. Finished two Steve Martini novels--Double Tap and Shadow of Power. Double Tap was good but in Shadow of Power I felt that Martini was lecturing me on his political and social views. Not that authors don't do that but usually are not so overt.

Beverly Hills Dead and Hot Mahogany were the two Stuart Woods novels read. Beverly Hills Dead was set in the heyday of movie studio rule in Hollywood and interesting enough. Hot Mahogany is a Stone Barrington novel and these novels are lightweight Stuart Woods. Predictable but still a comfortable read. The trouble with reading Stuart Woods is he will never top his novel Chiefs, the first book I read by him. Great ending.

Right now I am 3/4 through The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood and it is one of the few non-fiction books I've read recently. The book explores why and how some people survive events and others don't. It is a fascinating book and believe me, the next time I fly I'm going to reread certain sections!

6. Tomorrow is shopping and craft day with three teenage girls. Before you shudder at the thought of spending time with that gender and age group, let me assure you I enjoy these three....helps that that aren't mine! For now, these are like my psuedo-grandchildren!

Well, that is my life right now. Yes, it is a bit mundane but it is summer and that is enough.

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Cheryle said...

It sounds as if your summer is as happily diverse as mine! Isn't it great when you can get out and enjoy the days with family and friends?

I love it.