Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Nothing momentous, just thoughts, things, this and that.

*Did you know there are pelicans in Wisconsin? I didn't until today. As I was driving over the Fox River I saw a pelican -- one of those moments when I wonder if I've really seen what I've seen. Coming home I went to the ever handy Google, and lo and behold the American White Pelican (the ocean loving brown pelican is a relative) summers here. What's really neat is that this bird was once pretty scarce but is now making a comeback.

*A flower to one is a weed to another. I like dandelions simply because they are a sign of spring. They are a bright spot after grayness.

*Art truly is in the eye of the beholder. While visiting the Minnesota Institute of Art with Ann and friend Rachel (both art majors) we saw some Picasso pottery. While we did not see this particular plate, what we viewed was similar and I was underwhelmed by it. I was reminded that it is, after all, a Picasso --- I pointed out that I wasn't always impressed with Hemingway. Who decides something is a piece of art or a classic novel?

*What is so difficult about using a car blinker? I am going to turn each blinker impaired driver into a toad. Not a frog with the possibility of being kissed into royalty. No, a toad....warts and no chance of redemption.

*I get the Sunday paper so I can look through the sale flyers. I do read the paper, but I relish the flyers. I cut coupons which I then forget at home, I don't shop at most of the stores whose flyers I browse, but there is just something special about those glossy flyers.

*The E-Trade Babies commercials are my favorite TV interruptions. Those kids and the lines they "say" make me smile after even the 100th viewing.

*Wonder what prompted David Letterman to marry the mother of his son? His son is 5 years old. No, I don't really care, just watching his show as I type this and it came to mind.

*If I owned a hobby farm I would have a llama, donkey, goat, peacock, miniature horse, several dogs (all mutts), and rabbits. It sounds like so much fun!

*I have seen Dick, Lynn, and Liz Cheney on TV over the years and they do contentiousness, condescension, and nastiness soooooo well. Yikes, these are negative people. Liz Cheney was on "Sunday Morning" a few weeks ago and what a train wreck....nothing positive came out of her mouth.

*I must give a shout out to Toro lawnmowers. My new Toro mower is so easy to push, and it starts after one pull. Good thing as I'm mowing the lawn once per week. That will only last until mid-July when the lawn dries up for a few weeks. Some people water their lawn but not me. Good heavens, if I water it I have to mow it.

*I own three reusable bags that I bought so I could forgo plastic grocery bags. I actually remember to use them once in awhile. I gave myself a pat on the back when I bought them and now forget to take them into the store....to quote Kermit, "It ain't easy being green."

Ok, this is not the best blog entry. Sometimes an idea is better than the written matter but hey, this is just the way my brain works some days. :)


Cheryle said...

I LOVE this blog entry!

I'm so with you about non-blinker-users, reusable grocery bags, and the Cheneys. A local radio station today asked what listeners thought about Dick Cheney's comments concerning gay marriage. I thought, "The same thing I think about anything he says: Why doesn't he just shut the f__k up?" (Sorry, but that really is what I thought!)

I've missed your blogs! More, more!

Cheryle said...

PS: Right on about Picasso and Hemingway. Neither one of them ever appealed to me!

Vicky said...

Chickens, Hol! You forgot chickens. They're very smart and quite personable. And I'm with you on the donkeys. They'd be a hoot.

Hearing your musings is never boring!