Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My family did not have much money when I was growing up. My father went to school on the GI Bill and my mother stayed home with us kids. My father became a teacher, my mother went to school to become a teacher; there was not much spare change for extras. My parents did not fight about the lack of earnings because my father believed it was senseless to argue about what they didn't have. My financial planner knows my parents so understands the origins of my nonchalance about investments. Understands, not appreciates.

This attitude carries over to my feelings about taxes. I took my tax information to the accountant today so he can prepare the documents that I am too phobic to configure. There should not be any surprises this year but whether I'm paying in or getting back, my reaction to tax time is the same each year. There is little I can do about taxes so to complain is a grand waste of my time.

We live in a country that provides much for its citizens and those provisions cost money. I appreciate the highways and roads, the educational institutions,the parks, protections provided by the armed forces, police and fire departments. I have freedoms people in other countries envy, and I decided long ago that paying my taxes was what I/we do to ensure our country keeps running. No, I'm not always happy with how my tax dollars are spent but that goes with the territory. Are there better ways in which to tax citizens? Maybe. But I don't expect to see a change in taxes during my lifetime.

I also like my accountant. I don't pretend to understand the tax forms and tend to understand the system intuitively. I have numbers and notes scribbled on pieces of paper, he cheerfully takes them, and doesn't make me feel stupid. I also called late last week for today's appointment and was assured there was ample time for him to do the taxes. That was great news! He charges half the price of H&R Block, I enjoy chatting with him, and he will get my taxes to me in time for filing.

Most friends think I'm nuts for this outlook. That's okay.

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Cheryle said...

Okay, so once again, we agree! Eventually I'll stop being surprised, I guess.

How else are we going to educate our kids, get from here to there, defend our country, keep our neighborhoods safe, and preserve some of the great beauty of this land?

I might complain now and then, but never to seriously, and mostly about how complicated the whole process is. It could be simpler and you wouldn't have to pay your tax guy. But you'd have to think of another reason to visit him, I guess!