Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Suze Orman

An update on my Needs post. I did skim the Suze Orman book at B&N and was underwhelmed. Nothing new that I haven't heard a dozen plus times before on the news, in magazines, etc. I'm not suggesting that this advice is useless but using it depends on a person's life outlook.

One faithful reader recommended that I continue to visit my children regardless of the cost, and I definitely agree. My children are the most important people in my life plus will be picking out my nursing home, so I want to continue my close relationship with them.

Another reader suggested I am either delusional or have an excellent financial planner. Both may be true. I do have a great financial planner and sometimes I even listen to his advice. I don't like reality so possibly the delusional description is true. But, believe me, my delusional world makes me happy, and I spent too much of my life being unhappy. Trust me, money doesn't make one happy; life may be easier in some ways, but happier? No.

Bottom line is unless I cut out my more expensive luxuries, I am not going to save much money. I'm not cutting out cable because I enjoy my plasma TV and all it offers. I'm not reducing my cell phone plan because it allows me contact with my children and the friends whom I actually enjoy. I am not reducing the temperature of the thermostat when I'm awake and at home because I refuse to be cold. I do reduce it at night when sleeping and when gone. I obsessively turn off the lights, don't run water when brushing my teeth, and don't rush to turn on AC although these are more concessions to the environment than to bills.

I do not live extravagantly, I don't have a lot of debt, and I live in one of the more reasonable cost of living areas in the US. I am a moderately conservative investor, so my retirement fund investments haven't suffered as much as others. Yes, I give more thought to money than I did even a year ago. I have cut back on some little things and do not shop are heartily as I used to but am not kidding myself to think they will make a huge difference. I am going to agree with the other faithful reader who reminded me that I can't take it with me. If I want a latte, then I'm going to have a latte. Life really is too short not to enjoy it. Does that mean I won't enjoy my later years because of my lackadaisical attitude now? Maybe. But, nothing in life is certain.

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Cheryle said...

Bravo, my friend! None of us ever gets it perfectly right, but I think it's important to have fun while doing one's best!