Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to Manage a Rhinovirus

Gather Kleenex. Cough. Drink quarts of orange juice. Sneeze. Think about cutting off your head. Blow nose. Dose with Dayquil. Cough. Take a nap. Sneeze. Drink peppermint tea. Blow nose. Heat can of chicken noodle soup. Cough. Suck on cough drop. Curl up on couch and watch junk TV. Blow nose. Answer phone and assure friend you are alive. Hang up sure you're going to die. Rub Vicks into chest and under nose. Sneeze. Drink glasses of water. Suck on popscicle. Google do-it-yourself tonsilectomy. Gargle. Feel sorry for self. Cough. Dose with Nyquil. Go to bed to read waiting for drugs to make you tired. Pat dog and assure him he is your best ever friend. Sleep.

1 comment:

Cheryle said...

Oh, be well, my friend! The dreaded rhinovirus is that horrible thing that makes you wish you would die, even as you know you won't!

Sending warm thoughts your way (although wearing a face mask as I do so!).