Friday, February 27, 2009

Casual Observations

Just some thoughts running through my head:

1. Sunshine makes everything better. This kind of goes hand in hand with a tan makes everyone look 10 lbs. lighter.

2. I love a good storm. In the spring and summer a thunderstorm is exciting. Some try to jack up the excitement level during tornado warnings by looking out the window watching the clouds swirl while looking for the funnel.
Last night we had a snow storm with howling winds. I curled up with a Greg Isles book and enjoyed the coziness.

3. I love the soundtrack to "Slumdog Millionaire." While I haven't seen the movie yet, I watched the Academy Awards, saw a dance expo on GMA, and have ordered the soundtrack. Am toying with the idea of ordering some tunic tops and caftans so I can float about in my clothes. I already own the hookah so am on my way to adopting a new heritage.

4. If I were to live by the saying, "What would you do if you could not fail?" I would be a performer. I would at least be a doo wop girl, work my way to diva status, and then star in some movies. Since failure isn't an option the fact that I have a lousy singing voice doesn't matter.
(A huge problem with being a famous performer would be having every move documented and having people invading my privacy. I just don't like people enough to have them in my space. Rather than carrying a little rat dog in my purse I'd have to take a bull mastiff with me everywhere.)
Being a pianist, author, figure skater, comedian,or nail polish namer would also be "no fail" jobs for me.

5. I've had four dreams about meeting Barack Obama. Hopefully prophetic dreams! How fantastic it would be to have dinner with the Obama family in a relaxed atmosphere, chit chatting about what not.

Ah, just zig zagging thoughts this afternoon.

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Cheryle said...

Great zigzags, Holly. I, too, love storms and curling up with a good book while they're howling is a favorite of mine - as long as the power stays on, of course!

I'm intrigued by your dreams of meeting the President. I would love to meet him and his family, but am afraid I would be somewhat starstruck and unable to get a word out. But it's a lovely thought to just have a conversation and talk about day-to-day stuff.