Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shallow Observations

Yesterday's blog was serious. Today's will focus on the inconsequential things I liked about the Inauguration.

1. I loved Malia and Sasha's J.Crew outfits. Colorful, age appropriate, and probably fitting of each girl's personality. They seemed to be outwardly unaffected by the drama, and I have a feeling these two girls will keep their parents grounded.
2. Rick Warren's invocation did little for me. Maybe because I'm not all that into such things, and because I was bothered by his Christian only focus. (Fortunately, President Obama was more inclusive in his speech) I also found his pronunciation of the Obama girls' names creepy. As Jon Stewert pointed out on "The Daily Show" it was almost like he found them and their names to be . . . delicious.

3. Joe Biden. I just like Joe Biden and that ever present smile, his loquaciousness, his enthusiasm saying his oath. He has cut back on his candidness, which I understand, but hope he isn't shuttled to an office and kept out of sight.

4. The Reverand Joseph Lowery's benediction beat out the Inaugural poem. No, I don't believe poety has to rhyme and personally prefer poems that don't rhyme. But his benediction's conclusion was just fun and won't be forgotten. "Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around ... when yellow will be mellow ... when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen."

5. Yo Yo Ma seemed to be enjoying himself when playing John Williams' arrangement of "Tis a Gift to Be Simple" (an appropriate choice for the times). He smiled often and if a cellist can have a "skipping down the street" attitude, he had it. Itzhak Perlman looked serious but clarinetist Anthony McGill appeared to share Yo Yo Ma's fun.

6. Aretha Franklin's hat was stunning! She pulled it off and it was just one more small piece of the day that made me grin. The lady knows how to make a statement. Other memorable hats didn't have Ms. Franklin's panache but still showed the wearers' confidence. Both Spike Lee and President Bush 41 wore mad bomber hats; Not just everyone can pull off an inaugural mad bomber hat.

7. Rahm Emmanuel was caught on camera with his thumb on his nose and fingers wagging at someone, a grin on his face. I have read that he has quite a hardnose, bulldog personality but this moment showed a sense of humor. One probably has to have a sense of humor to survive his job.

8. Michelle Obama clearly wasn't listening to what Barack was saying when he said to the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball audience, "Doesn't my wife look great?" She started to applaud and then realized just what he had said and gave him a hand wave and look that we all have given when embarrassed at such public comments. It had been a long day which was only going to get longer and I'm pretty sure Ms. Obama only wanted to be home with her children on their first night in a new home. So, to tune out the man who had been talking all day was understandable, but the moment was so everyday-marraige-moment charming.

9. The look on Michelle and Barack Obama's faces when dancing their first inaugural dance showed the essance of their relationship. Smiling, looking into one another's eyes, they still love and respect each other. Kudos to them for being true to themselves in this and the aforementioned moments.


Cheryle said...

Oh, Holly, we loved the same things! I laughed out loud at Rahm Emanuel's nose-thumbing and would love to know to whom it was directed!

The hats were great; Spike Lee took some ribbing, but all in good nature.

Being an Oregonian - and the mother and m-i-l of Oregon State alumni - we were bemused when Charlie Gibson declared that Craig Robinson's (Mrs. Obama's brother) scarf was Princeton colors. That may well be, but we KNEW that Craig, who is the head basketball coach at Oregon State University, was really wearing Oregon State's colors! And Charlie Gibson apologized, to boot.

What a glorious day!

Holly said...

Oregon seems to be a state much likd Wisconsin in that we are pretty much ignored so when we get a little positive attention it is great fun! I love the Michelle and Craig Obama successes....Here's to Oregon State's BB having a fantastic year!