Thursday, January 15, 2009

-40 degrees

We in Wisconsin talk a lot about the weather. It doesn't matter what season, what weather, we work it into most conversations. Right now we're not only talking about it but trying to hide from it! Cold and snow are a standard part of winter. For skiiers, snowmobilers, and ice fishermen winter in this state is great. Five inches of snow does not stop us from going about our daily business -- we just may have to do it a bit more cautiously. School is cancelled if a drifting snowfall causes country roads to become dangerous for busses to traverse. We chuckle at news reports about Southern states that are paralyzed by an inch of snow because we are snobby in our hardiness.

However...... we are now dealing with -19F temperatures but with the windchill it becomes -40F! This is "Ice Road Trucker" cold. 150 schools canceled classes today, some are canceling or delaying the start tomorrow, and I have yet to leave the house. Several hundred people on the north side of Appleton went without power for little over an hour this morning; I shivered just thinking of it. These temperatures will continue through tomorrow, but by Sunday we are supposed to hit the balmy temperature of 18 degrees F with a tropical 28 degrees arriving on Monday! I'm going to look for the sunscreen and beach blanket.

To other frozen states, I send you warm thoughts. To those of you in 30+ degrees, send some of the heat our way!


Cheryle said...

Oooh, I'm thinking of you, my friend! Our recent cold weather wasn't as bad as yours (whose is?) but since we aren't used to it, we really suffered. (We have the "added attraction" of landslides after the rain starts and the snow melts!)

Stay warm and cozy, and keep that hot buttered rum close by! :-)

I hope you get your "balmy" weather soon!

Holly said...

Landslides don't sound good. Do you live in an area that has landslides? How do you cope with something like that?

I do imagine cold and snow are worse for those not used to it. While -40 is not something one gets used to, we know what to expect and have clothes, etc. to deal with it.

Cheryle said...

I live on the top of a ridge, so landslides aren't a problem for us. However, too many years of cutting trees and urbanization of wooded areas has creates some problems in this mountainous part of the continent!

If the land starts to slide, all you can do is get out - FAST - and kiss your house and its contents goodby. Landslide insurance is an "extra" and not everyone has it.