Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Globe Living

I love Christmas. The decorated trees, garland, Santa decorations, shopping for gifts, outdoor lights, the spirit of the holiday. However, there are people in my life who do not share this Christmas joy. This year, rather than being beaten down by their bahumbug-edness, I have announced that I am living in my snow globe world, ignoring all Christmas nay sayers, Grinches, Scrooges.

Holiday music plays in the background of my snow globe; "It's a Holly Jolly Christmas" is number one on the list with "Welcome Christmas" (the fah who for-aze song) a close second. The snow sparkles, I'm warm and cozy with an inner glow and the only shaking of my globe is when I'm jumping for joy. If a Humbug comes into my space I just turn up the music and loudly sing along. I have an example from just this morning. I went to Shopko, which has two entrances, and Salvation Army bell ringers were at both entrances. I donated to the volunteer, did my shopping and at the opposite entrance the bell ringers were singing. Hmmmmmm. I made my purchases, exited the store, and encountered the same non-singing bell ringer to whom I first donated. I was almost out the door when I had a thought which I shared with him, "The other bell ringers are singing." He replied, thinking he had an excuse, "I know. I can't carry a tune."
Always wanting to expand my globe I told him I would put $5.00 in the bucket if he sang a Christmas song. As often happens with unsure Christmas celebrators, he hesitated with an uncertain look on his face. To help him out I started, "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and we sang two verses together. Since I believe my singing voice was worse than his, I hoped he felt more comfortable. When we finished the song I place my money in the bucket, clasped him on the arm and said, "See, there you go! Merry Christmas!"

I'm not sure he was totally enveloped in my holiday snow globe, but we gave it a good try. You never know what seeds of joy, Christmas, and happiness you plant. While I try to keep my globe intact, I don't mind letting others in to enjoy the warmth and Christmas spirit!


Cheryle said...

I, too, love Christmas, Holly, and for a lot of the reasons you mention. But I'm really writing to tell you how much I love your snow globe analogy! I can see it in my mind's eye and it looks so cozy and Christmas-y. Too bad we don't live closer together; we could share each other's snow globes upon occasion!

Keep those bellringers singing, Girl!

aelawton said...

having him sing that song with you is one of the many MANy reason why i love you being my mother.

Holly said...

Cheryle, I have no doubt that if we lived closer we would be sharing our snow globes, cups of coffee, and laughter!

My dear Ann -- you always make me smile and it is always good to know my silliness has your approval.