Monday, November 24, 2008

Much for Which to Give Thanks

Last week a friend commented that there isn't much to be thankful for in today's economy. 401(k)'s are disappearing, the stock market is a dismal daily reminder of our crashing financial world, companies arrogantly beg for corporate welfare, the unemployment rate keeps rising, and there is no sunshine on the horizon for our economy.

I realize our country is facing dire issues. I understand that many families are facing horrific financial challenges while the holidays are rapidly approaching. But, I disagreed with my friend. There is still much for which to give thanks.

We have elected a new President who has recharged citizens and given the country a new sense of hope. With all the hardships facing our nation we still live in one of the greatest countries on earth. We have family and friends to love and support us. Our children are great sources of joy and pride. Our homes are heated, we have indoor plumbing, paved roads, and lawfulness. (These are things we take for granted and which many 3rd world citizens dream of) We have public education, freedom of speech, public assistance, heat and electricity in the winter even if we can't pay. Most of us have TV's, radios, MP3 players, cell phones, computers, microwaves, and a car. We have come to think that many of these items are necessities when they are actually not essential for our survival.

Maybe we need to make a list of all the tangible things we own and of the non-tangible things we have. I'm betting the non-tangibles are most important to us, but we forget about those more readily.

With all my heart I believe that things happen for a reason. Is it possible that our economic crisis will allow us to reevaluate what we need and what we want and then focus on what is truly important to us? As we sit before our abundant meals on Thursday may we reflect on what we hold dear in our hearts and find thanks for all we have.

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Cheryle said...

Ah, yes, the intangibles! Anyone whose parent lived through the Great Depression probably knows just how many "things" you really need, and how important all of those things you listed really are!

Even the poorest of the poor in this nation have some hope; those in many other countries are happy to have lived through the day.