Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Real Americans

North Carolina Republican Rep. Robin Hayes told McCain supporters that, "Liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God." Didn't we go through the formal weeding out of real and unreal Americans during the Joe McCarthy debacle? Hmmmmm, during the 1950's "real Americans" feared and rejected communism. I'm a little foggy on what Americans are fearing and rejecting today. I do know that Barack and Michelle Obama have come under the "real American" microscope because of an email claiming that Barack didn't put his hand on his heart when reciting the Pledge of Alliegence, he is a Muslim; Michelle admitted to not always being really proud of her country, and Fox News (holders of all things "really American") pointed out the terrorist hand bump used by the Obamas. Gasp!

This issue must be further explored. If "real Americans" work hard, accomplish, achieve, and believe in God then "unreal Americans" must be non-working, unaccomplished, unachieving atheists. Here I thought I was associating with liberal friends only now to realize they are all closet conservatives because they work, accomplish, achieve, and believe in God.

One more reason to vote for Obama is to end this ridiculous talk of "real Americans" versus "unreal Americans." Once President, Barack Obama can set this nation on the path of resolving real issues, helping the US continue to be a real melting pot, and celebrating real diversity. I think a country filled with only Representative Hayes's cookie cutter, like minded, Stepford population would be mighty boring.

(P.S. As a resident of Wisconsin I am always gratefully awed that we vote for a Democrat in Presidential elections. Joe McCarthy was from Appleton, Wisconsin; the John Birch Society is based in Appleton; the Republican Party was born in Ripon, Wisconsin.)

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Cheryle said...

Love this post, Holly. I do so long for the good old days (probably a sign of age!) when the battles and name-calling were fought inside the party so that whichever party won the election they would not have alienated the entire rest of the population!

Even my ex-husband had the nerve to label our son's extra-conservative father-in-law as a "real" American who "loves his country." I was quick to point out that our other two sons and I (who are all Democrats) are also "real" Americans who love our country, too.

Of course, he is my EX-husband...