Saturday, October 18, 2008


One of my escapes is to watch HGTV. I don't have a natural decorating sense and am in awe of those who do. I have picked up decorating tips, color ideas, and accessorizing thoughts from this show. What also appeals to me is that many of the houses redecorated are not million dollar houses but middle class homes. This means the ideas and applications are within the realm of possibility for me.

House Hunters are episodes I find fascinating. House prices vary so much across the US and this program also gives glimpses of housing markets in other countries. From watching this show I realize that living in Wisconsin means my housing prices are very very reasonable. In central Wisconsin one can buy a decent house for $170,000. I have watched people on House Hunters buy run down, virtually unlivable homes for $300,000! There may be things I don't like about Wisconsin (winter) but cost of living is very reasonable.

I must not be alone in my addiction to this show because most women I know also love HGTV. I think part of it is an interest in seeing how others taking a walk at night, looking into an uncurtained front window of a home and catching a glimpse of the room decorating. HGTV allows us to be voyeurs and spend legitmate time looking into the homes of others.