Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have gotten so tiresome. Men who have had their moment in the spotlight, black men who worked to better their race at a time when blacks did not have equal rights. Men who still crave the spotlight so jump into crises allegedly to help but distract from issues instead.

It is time for these two to step out of the spotlight. If they want to "do good" and better "their" people or any people why can't they do it without drama? Bill Clinton is the white counter part since he can't stay away from the spotlight either. Such people lose credibilty after a time, ruining their reputation by opening their mouths too often and too inappropriately.

Barack Obama seems to rile both Jackson and Clinton even as he proceeds calmly toward the Presidency. Jackson doesn't think Barack's black enough, and Clinton compared him to Jackson and both former leaders have had to apologize for nasty remarks made about the nominee. It seems Clinton and Jackson are jealous of Obama: Jackson was not able to reach the heights Obama has and Clinton seems jealous of his win over Hillary. He also hasn't needed any of these men to help him reach this goal. (yes, past actions by them have gotten the nation to accept a black candidate) It is Barack's time in the sun and Jackson/Clinton need to realize they are mere shadows now and with each verbal faux pas they are losing any political stature they might yet have. It would be better to quit while they are ahead than be laughed at from behind.

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