Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

I just took an online citizenship test. Immigrants wishing to become US citizens must pass a written test. How many US citizens who were born here could pass the same test? Now, maybe with studying for the test prior to taking it more people would be able to pass it. But just pulled off the street, out of the blue, and plunked down to take the test -- how would we do?

I received a 90% although I admit to having to guess at some questions. Maybe I'm feeling a bit smug about my score. But my online test was multiple choice and the real test is fill in the blank (at least that is my understanding).

Maybe all of us should have to take and pass the citizenship test every 5-10 years to be called a US citizen. But, I suppose forcing someone to be informed would be a violation of our independence.

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